About Us

Anniversary_CardIt is our understanding that every wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the bride and groom, family, friends and guests. We do not take the marriage vow lightly, as this is the one institution that God created to be set apart from all other relationships on earth and is representative of Jesus Christ and His church.

Made By Ashlee wants to honor this commitment with that same level of importance. That is why we place so much importance in starting this special time in your life off in the right way, setting the mood and vision for what your special day will be, starting with what they receive in the mail. From the wedding invitation, we want to help you prepare the guests for what they will experience when attending your wedding ceremony.

Creating your personalized products is the process by which we will take the information from you and the overall theme, mood and/or experience of your wedding day and make what we think will capture your vision. We draw from your venue, setting, the season of the year and your choice colors for the wedding to deliver the invitations to you in such a way that you will open them and experience what your guests will. We know that whatever captures your vision will be an easy choice for you to send to all of your special guests.

With these things in mind, Made By Ashlee focuses on working with you to create that image through hand-made invitations that are made through one-on-one planning between us and you. There are many cookie-cutter invitations that will get the job done, but our invitations are a part of you going out to each person, and the creation of that simply cannot be done by a computer that does not care about you, your special day or your commitment to the one you will spend the rest of your life with.