Design 1: 3-fold Envelope Style with Paper Accent RibbonWhen providing you with our samples for your choice, each set of items will have its own pricing scale. Individual pricing will be factored by time until delivery, number of items needed, number of guests, type of materials chosen for products, and other such factors. However, here is our process for delivering your purchases; this may help you decide.

First: After viewing our website or one of our invitations, contact us via email, phone or through the website in order to set up a consultation time (phone or face-to-face). This will give us an outline for the products desired and a timeline for individual pricing.

Second: If you choose to purchase sample invitations or products from Made By Ashlee there will be a small fee (roughly $20) that will result in you receiving 3 or 4 sample products to look over with your fiancé, family and friends. Each one of these samples will have an individual pricing scale included with it.

Third: When you return the samples with all other information filled out on the documents, your sample fee (that $20) will be credited toward your overall price, and at that time you will provide full payment via PayPal. The products will go into production at this time. There will be ongoing communication during the production phase, and then based on the agreed upon delivery date, your products will be delivered.